Virtual Reality

In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has become a promising area of health and science research. VR has revolutionized simulation by being more accessible, effective, and affordable. This allows surgeons to perform real-time surgical training events streamed live in virtual reality. VR gives a hands-on experience of just about anything.  The Immertec platform serves as an innovating way for surgeons and medical professionals to observe, communicate, and collaborate in real-time through virtual reality. Through Immertec’s specialized technology known as Medoptic, cameras are placed throughout an operating room and regardless of location, doctors can throw on a VR headset and watch a surgical procedure take place; it also allows them to speak with one another and zoom in closer to the surgical site if they so choose.
The platform is capable of streaming multiple video outputs from surgical cameras and medical equipment (C-arms or ultrasound machines) simultaneously, using cloud-based software and proprietary hardware.

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