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Kylene’s Story

Patient testimonials like these are my “why”. Thank you all for trusting my staff and I.

Being referred to Dr. Asghar for back surgery, after literally trying a multitude of alternatives, has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in my life. I have suffered with back pain for over twenty years, but beginning in October 2019 I began having crippling sciatic pain in my left leg. The pain was so intense that it made it difficult to walk, sit, and sleep; it basically took the joy out of my life. During my first appointment with Dr. Asghar I knew immediately that he was the right choice. He recommended a laminectomy and thoroughly explained each and every step that would be involved. His entire team, including his PA's Priscilla and Alexa, has been amazing. They are all readily available to answer my questions and keep track of my progress weekly. I am three weeks out from surgery and feel fantastic, most importantly, my pain is gone and I am on my way to enjoying life again!! - J.S.

I truly am a blessed man. I’ve been living in pain for 4+ years. After much research I found a physician that was able to return me to living a life free of pain and sleeping in my bed again! I had been sleeping in a chaise lounge for over a year. Upon meeting Dr. Asghar for the first time, he presented a detailed interface of what was going on with me. I was totally blown away by the kind, compassionate and charismatic man. He was upbeat and easy to talk to. He listened to what I was saying and I did not feel rushed. X-rays were done and then came the news. Dr. Asghar made certain I understood exactly what was going on. He quizzed me to be certain. He had a year plan for me that would result in a surgical experience. Priscilla, PA-C would assist him with everything including the surgery. She was my direct conduit if I needed anything. Her response to emails were within minutes. How much better than that does it get? I was introduced to the entire office staff. My wife was with me on every visit and it was a shared decision making process every step of the way. Thank you for this angel. I am truly blessed to have found this great physician and his team. – L.G.

I am beyond thankful to Dr. Asghar who performed a revision spinal fusion on my lumbar spine. If not done and done right the condition would have led to loss of leg function. I now can walk normally again without any pain in my leg. Not only did Dr. Asghar take extraordinary time studying my particular situation and coming up with a solid plan, he took a great deal of time explaining it in detail without a shred of ego or attitude. I recommend him for anyone where surgery is your only option and you want it done correctly with attention to detail. His assistant, Priscila is incredible and followed up with me everyday after surgery and provided clear instructions tailored to me (as she is his assistant during surgery and knows exactly what is going on.) What a dream team! – J.M.

“Having been diagnosed with a severe spinal deformity called Flatback, at age 79 my husband was losing his ability to walk. Very few surgeons attempt to correct this deformity due to the length and complexity of the operation which involves reshaping the entire spine. Four weeks after surgery he was walking perfectly straight and without assistance. There was very little pain involved and Dr. Asghar and his staff were there to help every step of the way. We owe Dr. Asghar our deepest gratitude!” – E.S.

Dr. Asghar is a patient, kind, and understanding doctor. He always has time for my many questions and his knowledge is bound full . I’ve had several spine surgeries and will be having spine surgery in the future with Dr. Asghar. I’ve been to teaching hospitals and other fine doctors but Dr. Asghar will be my surgeon. His staff is as helpful as he is and I feel I will be in great hands. He’s not putting surgery first, other options will take place prior and if these procedures do not work out then surgery. Wonderful and talented doctor. – M.B.

Dr. Asghar is the nicest doctor of ALL doctors! We have been seeing him for my son’s back issues, and he will continue to monitor him on a bi-annually basis. Dr. Asghar is personable, kind, and talks “to” you-not at you as many doctors do. We are so fortunate to have been referred to him. Dr. Asghar takes great pride in what he does and that compassion is truly shown in his work and when you meet him. – M.M.

I don't even know where to begin!! He is absolutely amazing, compassionate, and goes above and beyond for his patient's. I have never in my life met a Dr that cares so much for his patients. He always takes time to answer any questions or concerns I have ever had.. He has definitely changed my life for the better. I highly recommend him 100%! I absolutely have a lot of love in my heart for him. ♥. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. I also want to mention he has an awesome team by his side. Thank you so much Dr. Asghar from the bottom of my heart. -C.B.

What a truly kind, compassionate, informative and most importantly skilled surgeon…My husband and I met with Dr. Asghar many times to review my case and he would spend hours answering our questions.Dr. Asghar made certain that we understood what the surgery entailed and what he wanted to accomplish. Priscilla, his PA, was equally amazing and was right there for me at all times. Having her respond immediately back by phone or e mail within minutes was so comforting and calming. The whole staff at Cantor Spine Institute were totally professional and caring. I’m almost seven weeks out of a three level spinal fusion – walking every day and doing workouts in the pool. I would definitely recommend Dr. Asghar and his team to anyone! It is an incredible office. – N.D.

Dr. Asghar performed my 12 year old daughter’s scoliosis surgery 2 years ago and I can truly say that he and his team are amazing. We are so grateful to have found such a compassionate and charismatic doctor!!! – T.M.

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