Observing Dr. John Asghar

An observership is a chance for individuals, such as surgeons, fellows and students, to observe and shadow Dr. Asghar in a clinical setting. By giving participants the chance to directly observe medical practice, procedures, and patient care, Dr. Asghar’s observerships offer valuable learning opportunities. During an observership, Dr. Asghar will provide insight on the daily activities as a healthcare professional, his knowledge of spinal conditions and deformities, and expose observers to various methods of diagnosis and treatment techniques. Despite not actively taking part in patient care, observers can learn, advance their clinical abilities, and forge new relationships in the industry. Observerships are often sought after to supplement medical education and improve future career prospects in the healthcare industry.

To observe Dr. Asghar:

Please submit all required documentation to: 

[email protected]

Required Documentation Check List

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Intent
  • Preferred Observership Request Date
  • Completed HIPAA form
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