Revision Surgery

Revision spinal surgery is a surgical treatment used on patients who have already had spinal surgery but need additional intervention because of lingering or recurring problems. This specialist operation seeks to address issues, treat new spinal diseases that have developed since the initial surgery, or correct residual abnormalities. Because it requires navigating scar tissue and adjusting to changes brought on by the prior surgery, revision spinal surgery frequently poses particular difficulties. To create a thorough surgical plan, surgeons must thoroughly assess the patient’s medical history, imaging results, and symptoms. Revision spinal surgery aims to reduce pain, increase spinal stability, rectify abnormalities, and improve overall function and quality of life for the patient.  It calls for a high level of surgical proficiency, thorough preparation, and a specialized strategy based on the individual requirements of the patient. Even after prior surgical procedures, people can experience comfort and improve their spinal health with revision spinal surgery.

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