Additional Information​

Dress Comfortably

We advise that you wear comfortable clothing appropriate for your appointment to make the examination run smoothly. In addition, during your visit, your doctor might ask for an X-ray. You will be requested to take off any jewelry, eyeglasses, and other metal objects that can interfere with the image, before your X-ray.

Try to Arrive Early

Plan to arrive a bit early for your appointment. This gives you time to complete any necessary paperwork, update your personal information, and settle in before you see the doctor.

Expect Wait Times

Since personalized treatment doesn’t always proceed according to an exact schedule,  we really appreciate your patience and understanding if we make you wait longer than you anticipated. We want to give each patient the time needed to get to the bottom of their pain and/or injuries, as well as address any questions or concerns they have.

Physician Assistants

There may be times when one of our physician assistants sees you.  Physician assistants are highly skilled healthcare professionals who support our orthopedic doctors during surgery. They take medical histories, perform examinations, identify and treat diseases and injuries of the bones, joints, and muscles, order and interpret X-rays and MRIs, and prescribe medications. Our PAs are taught to identify when patients require the supervision of our physician or another specialist.

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