EOS Imaging

When it comes to getting an X-ray or CT scan, many people – especially parents of young children and teenagers – are concerned about radiation. EOS is an imaging alternative that reduces radiation exposure.

What is EOS imaging?

The EOS imaging system is a medical imaging system that emits significantly less radiation than traditional imaging technologies such as standard X-rays or CT scans, and is capable of delivering high-quality 3D images for improved clinical decision making. This low-dose, weight-bearing X-ray technology can simultaneously take full-body, frontal and lateral (side view) images of the skeletal system of a patient in a standing or sitting position. Unlike traditional X-ray imaging, where the patient may have to be repositioned to get views from different angles, this imaging system provides all the imaging necessary in less than 20 seconds.

EOS also supports orthopedic surgeons with their pre-surgical planning. because it records and displays the patient’s anatomical structures in their true size and volume, lengths and angles. This allows surgeons to perform highly precise presurgical planning and postsurgical assessments. 

What is EOS imaging used for?

During an EOS exam, the patient stands or sits in an upright position inside a special scanning cabin. Two very narrow X-ray beams – one vertical, one horizontal – scan entire body to create 2D and 3D images of the spine and joints.

Instead of having to combine (stitch) together multiple X-ray images, the EOS system allows for one complete image to provide an uncompromised look at the patient’s anatomy.


How does EOS imaging work?

  • Significantly better image quality
  • Less radiation than a traditional X-ray or CT scan
  • Full-body images that allow a better understanding of how your bones relate to one another
  • 3D images that help in surgical planning available
  • High quality weight-bearing images that provide an understanding of how the spine, hip and knee compensate for injuries and conditions
  • Available to both children and adults

Dr. Asghar takes every safety precaution and continually strives to offer the highest quality imaging studies with the lowest possible radiation dose for patients. The EOS imaging system provides convenience, safety and world-class, nurturing care for patients as well as the best imaging services while reinforcing our commitment to safety and low-dose imaging options for our patients.

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